ASPect-is has many years of expertise in analysing database needs and structuring relational databases with high integrity and low redundancy without sacrificing performance. We accomplish this through effective interaction between solutions, data, and people. This is accomplished with the aid of entity relationship modelling tools along with staff who have had years of practice in the use of such tools. ASPect-is offers a full range of database and software solutions and services.


We work closely with our clients to determine their exact business requirements and from that we develop, enhance, integrate, and deliver a software solution to meet those requirements. Our team has a proven reputation for delivering high quality software solutions across a broad spectrum of technologies.


Understanding the Inputs, Outputs and Controls of your business to assist with mission critical change and performance tuning is key to business success. ASPect-is has a host of tools that allow us a better understanding of your requirements thus allowing us to delivery exactly what our clients have envisioned.


ASPect-is utilise's a range of database types. Careful selection of the right database to suit the client needs and budget is important.



Our proven skill with Microsoft Access and SQLServer allow us to provide our clients with a more varied selection of options when developing and deploying their solutions. We can develop or enhance software so suit a customers existing database, we can guide them through database version migration or help our clients to choose the very best solution for their specific needs.
Our longest serving application development tool, Progress has stood the test of time. With this development tool and integrated RDBMS our solutions have provided our clients with the most stable and robust environment available to them. In 10 years of deploying Progress applications we have never once lost client data and/or database services, the Progress RDBMS environment reduces the ongoing cost of product ownership by simply being the best.