Business Process Modelling has come to be associated with a number of ideas, all concerned with the dynamic behavior of organisations, businesses or systems more generally. The basic idea is that such systems can be thought of as operating or behaving as a number of interrelated processes.


ASPect-is focuses on the behavior of the business more than the solutions that support the business. We strongly believe that to model solutions to match your business is far more appropriate than changing your business to match a solution. Information Systems are often used to change the business process and can often end in disaster especially when attacking the core business activities.


When constructing a Business Process Model (BPM) we immerse ourselves into the business and question every input, action and delivery throughout the organization. Once we have mapped the process we can then refine the process to eliminate redundancy and streamline the process to maximise business efficiency.






Tools to Support Business Growth and Change

The BPM then becomes a tool to support growth and change in the business, in your products, in the controls imposed by legislation and customers. The BPM treats Information Systems as a tool and not the process. The BPM becomes a powerful tool for choosing or designing solutions to meet your business process. Our clients use their BPM to identify business impact well in advance of changing the process making the BPM a powerful tool to minimise risk when making business decisions.


Introducing new staff and/or new clients to your business can be quickly completed using a BPM as very quickly the major inputs, outputs, tools, controls and processes can be identified, connected and explained.


Not Just for Large Business 

Every business small, medium or large should consider using a BPM they are a cost effective way to help manage business processes.


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