Optical Mark reading (OMR) is a method of entering data into a computer system. Optical Mark Readers "read" pencil or pen marks made in pre-defined positions on paper forms as responses to questions or tick list prompts.

The OMR data entry system contains the information to convert the presence or absence of marks into a computer data file. OMR is a different technology from apparently similar automated data entry techniques, such as Optical Character Recognition (OCR) or barcodes, although in many cases these techniques may be used in conjunction with OMR.


The main advantages of the OMR technology are:

"tick box answers" are marked with a cross or filled in by the user with an ordinary pencil or pen. 

  • Reliability
    the OMR scans the form, detects the presence of marks and passes the information to the computer
  • Speed
    OMR readers can read up to 11'000 forms/hour (double sided)
  • Flexibility
    the OMR reader tests for plausibility and transmits the formatted information to the computer. The interpretation, using OMR readers, can be very sophisticated: this is more than a means of recording simple « yes » or « no » answers 



OMR Data sheets


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AXM 960 Mid Range Reader

AXM 980 High Volume Reader

AXM 998 High Volume Reader


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When to use OMR?

Applications where OMR stands out as by far the most appropriate means of data capture are characterised when:

  • Data is to be collected from a large number of sources simultaneously.
  • Personnel collecting data are not regular computer users.
  • A large volume of data must be collected and processed in a short period of time.
  • Information mainly comprises the selection of categories or "tick box" answers to multiple choice questions.


ASPect-is OMR Solutions

ASPect-is has now developed several solutions for different industries using OMR technology.


Production and Distribution

Receipt of raw material for most production based companies has always been an area where errors in recording accurate data has major impact on managing production, stock and supply. Many sources of raw materials do not have electronic data available so using OMR technology ensures that an accurate record of these receipts can be made.


Health Questionnaires

ASPect-is designed and developed a solution for a New Zealand orthopaedic health research company. This allows specifically targeted questionnaires to be provided directly to patients so that they can complete their own assessment of their health in the privacy of their own home. Removing the external influences of doctors and institutions patients are more relaxed and more open with answering questions about how they feel. Using OMR has allowed patients to be surveyed more often and more accurately to assist with their health management. (See Health Innovation Awards)


Client Surveys

It is important to be more aware of your clients perception of your business. ASPect-is has developed our BIZEZY solution to help clients to design and complete surveys with the minimum of effort. Integrated with OMR the BIZEZY solution not only uses the internet for direct survey by allows our clients to directly contact their target audience by post or directly supply of an OMR questionnaire.


OMR Readers

ASPect-is has a comprehensive range of OMR equipment to suit any environment. Contact us today about how we can assist your data collection requirements.