Alignment of business and MIS goals has become a key consideration for most businesses. This is especially true with technology infrastructure increasingly being viewed as a strategic asset by most companies. Consequently, information systems department leaders are frequently called upon to provide a strategic vision for the business to compliment the company's stated business objectives.


Understanding and applying the strategic planning process has become a vital skill for today's technology leader.


Most small to medium sized businesses in New Zealand do not always have the resource available to develop and implement an Information Systems Strategic Plan (ISSP). Regardless of your business size, alignment of the business and Information System objectives should be performed on an annual basis..


ASPect-is has developed excellent methodologies for quickly and effectively creating an ISSP to meet your business needs.


Our methodologies allow us to work closely with your key executive leaders to specify a list of the primary business goals for the next one to three years, which include any new product introductions, geographic expansions, new facilities, customer service initiatives, headcount increases, or modified revenue targets. In conjunction with a complete review and analysis of your current technology infrastructure we summarise the current state of the LAN, WAN, server, mainframe, PC, and software asset base. Outline the current strengths and weaknesses and review any recently announced product upgrades.





On the basis of this gained knowledge we document any obvious standardization which has evolved within the company since the last technology review and determine your tactical technology goals. These goals consider the next one to three years which support the needs of the current business processes, as well as the infrastructure requirements for the new business initiatives. These tactical plans might include LAN/WAN expansions or conversions, internet/intranet implementations, server deployments, major software upgrades, or additional application development.


We will then produce a list of proposed projects based on our findings, a list of major technology and application projects should be developed. These will be broken into tactical projects with defined time requirements. Each project will be clearly linked to the business and technology goals it is intended to support. In addition, any other required projects are defined which are simply necessary for the continued maintenance and evolution of the existing technology infrastructure of the business.


The proposed projects are then put into a realistic time schedule using defined Project Management tools and becomes a key document to support capital and expense budgeting during the upcoming fiscal time periods.

Collecting this information, and then performing the required strategic brainstorming MUST involve your top executives, business area managers, and technology experts.


ASPect-is brings a wealth of knowledge and an outside perspective to the ISSP.


It is important throughout the process to remember your business Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) as these should be incorporated into the strategic plan to ensure that these KPI's can be delivered efficiently and effectively to key personnel.


Our ISSP development methodologies ensure that your business can quickly take advantage of industry expertise to support your strategic planning and maximise your return on IS and IT expenditure.