Project Management is the discipline of planning, organizing, and managing resources to bring about the successful completion of specific project goals and objectives.


ASPect-is are all formally trained in Project Management. We see this as the successful key to any project large or small.


The project plan not only ensures that delivery of solutions are on time and on budget but manages resource assignment throughout the development lifecycle.


Critical Paths

Any project large or small has one or more critical paths. The critical path is the route from start to finish that identifies the longest duration. Monitoring of the critical path is paramount when delivering mission critical solutions.


Authority Matrix

Most projects involve 2 or more businesses. One of key components for a successful project is the authority matrix. The authority matrix defines interaction between companies at specific levels to ensure on-time delivery by all parties.


ASPect-is uses Microsoft™ Project to plan and manage our projects. Any project plan covers the entire project, through definition, scope, specification, development, delivery and review.


The project plan starts as a high level estimate of the projects tasks, resource and timelines, allowing costs estimates to be applied before commencement. As the project progresses each subsequent stage is fully defined and the resource and costs are identified and applied.


Project Management Discipline

Not everyone can manage a project! Without an authority matrix, clearly identified tasks, resource assignment or budget a project can fail to meet objectives.


Our use of our project management skills means that ASPect-is does not always need to be the primary project manager, however ASPect-is always use project plans and manage our own internal delivery of solutions for our clients even. This allows ASPect-is to communicate a clear timeline for solution delivery milestones.