Open All Hours (eTailer)
Forging the way for New Zealand eTailing.

Not only a comprehensive eTailing solution, Open All Hours incorporates proven business processes to ensure that you can easily provide the very best of service to your customers, while requiring very little input from you. Sit back and let Open All Hours do the job for you.

Open All Hours provides a quick and easy turnkey solution to get your business on-line, without the expensive and time-consuming web development costs. Actually, by this time tomorrow your could have a comprehensive on-line shopping cart selling and managing hundreds even thousands of your products, furthermore you could also have a detailed web site allowing you to advertise to the world just how good your business truly is.

All this is possible with Open All Hours, and by the way is likely to cost less that one advert in the local news paper.


Open All Hours is feature packed.

•Integrated Security.

•Order Monitoring.

•Powerful Database Reporting.

•Sales Reporting.

•Newsletter Management.

•Integrated Stock Control.

•Integrated Sales Processing.

•Integrated Purchase Orders •128 bit SSL Security.Credit Card Merchant Facilities.

  • •Real-time Catalog Maintenance.
  • •Powerful Product Search.
  • •Site Statistics.
  • •Plus much much more.


What can Open All Hours do for your Business?

Open All Hours provides three completely different solutions all integrated to form one very powerful solution.
  • Dynamic on-line shopping cart.
  • Comprehensive retail management.
  • Integrated web site.


Open All Hours is the most powerful and robust e-commerce solution of its type available today!

Providing the type of solution you demand for your business for much less that other comparable solutions. 1000’s of users can each make Open All hours look and feel unique to their business, while maintaining a standard of flow and process that e-consumers the world over will easily utilize.


How do you get started with Open All Hours?

Simply contact with your contact details and we will soon be in contact to arrange to prepare and install the entire solutions from domain name through to initial setup. This process only takes hours and you will be provided with a web address, User ID and Password, which will allow you to take over the management of your solution, even setup your initial client database and let them know how to find you.


What about Support?

Open All Hours strives to let you easily and efficiently manage your e-commerce solution and insulate you from all that technical mumbo jumbo. Having complete control over your on-line solutions does require a general understanding of commerce and simple data entry. We offer Free technical support options to assist with any questions you may have.

Everyone learns at a different rate so we can also make available additional training to suit your specific requirements.