More and more solutions are being deployed over the internet. Many businesses are realising the benefits associated with distributing information or simply having information available anytime anywhere.


To complement our in-house solutions we also have the following on-line tools that share the information to our clients clients.


BIZEZY - Contact and Survey Management.

This solution is a contacts manager that allows you to maintain contact with your contacts. At Bizezy's core is a contacts database that allows the tracking of contact details such as name, address, business details, phone numbers etc as well as an event log for recording information about a contact such as when contact is made. Bizezy is an internet/intranet based solution which means that it can be deployed in an organisation's intranet for use by all employees or deployed over the internet for use from any browser anywhere in the world.


Open All Hours

This solution is a comprehensive eTailing solution. Open All Hours incorporates proven business processes to ensure that you can easily provide the very best of service to your customers, while requiring very little input from you. Sit back and let Open All Hours do the job for you.


Open All Hours provides a quick and easy turnkey solution to get your business on-line, without the expensive and time-consuming web development costs. Actually, by this time tomorrow your could have a comprehensive on-line shopping cart selling and managing hundreds even thousands of your products, furthermore you could also have a detailed web site allowing you to advertise to the world just how good your business truly is. All this is possible with Open All Hours, and by the way is likely to cost less that one advert in the local news paper.


Our Community

Our customisable community solution is designed for small retail groups through to large cities.

Our community system allows on-line maintenance of retailers, organisation's, accommodation, restaurants and community services (fire, police, schools, etc). On a single site you can gain complete information about the community.

This database driven solution allows maintenance of diary events, associated links, current promotions, community newsletters, contact database and delivery of public notices.

Retailers can enhance their promotions with on-line shopping carts, direct (non-spam) mail outs.


For more details on these and our other applications contact or, if you would prefer, give us a call to discus your particular needs.

ASPect-is provides a web site and database hosting service for our clients and their applications.


ASPect-is saw a need in the market for hosting solutions that do not always fit in with the major ISP's. We tailor hosting environments to suit specific needs.


Independent web servers, managed databases, disaster recovery for specific solutions are not always available and ASPect-is provide this service.


Including several of our own solutions we also host solutions that we have developed for our clients. This means that our client solutions are completely managed by one provider. We take over the entire responsibility of the deployed solution, allowing our clients to focus on their business.




ASPect-is has a developed many solutions for our clients and we are always looking at opportunities where our clients can benefit from selling their solutions. We have found this to be a great way to gain a return on investment for our clients in addition to maintaining investment in their application. if you have an idea that you would like to see if we can develop and help market please contact us to discuss your ideas.





ASPect-is has been involved with supplying solutions, both hardware and software, to the fruit industry for more than a decade. We have a range of software and hardware solutions that can be tailored to suit your environment.



Our pack house applications are specifically designed for the management and control of perishable fruit pack house operations. Supporting apples, pears, kiwi-fruit, citrus, avocados, cherries, summer fruit, tomatoes, etc.



Our cool store inventory application was designed for the NZ Fruit Industry, utilising a mixture of sophisticated yet proven technologies to provide a complete solution that can be scaled to support any cool store environment. Using either personal or system based stowage planning product can be stored discreetly by trader, by product, by packer etc. Facility management is a major component allowing correct product stowage, ensuring cool chain, force draft cooling management and FIFO based stock control.


Setting the standards for supply chain communication, our on-line inventory application has paved the way for information/data sharing and delivery, providing a sophisticated but easy to use solution for Inventory & Distribution management.


Some of the key features of our packages are:
  • Bin submission using OMR technology
  • Bin bar coding
  • Tracking of empty bins
  • Production preparation and packing from bar coded bin stocks
  • Automatic or manual application of unique id to packed product
  • Palletization of labeled product
  • Automatic or manual transfer of product to a cool store
  • Full cool store product placement and tracking
  • Full cool store product search and dispatch
  • A range of administration functionality such as grower invoicing and storage invoicing
  • Radio Frequency product scanning in all areas
  • Internet based grower reporting
  • Internet based inventory management


Growers Portal

Our on-line grower application was developed to provide packing clients access to their production and quality information as soon as it is available. Complete analysis of production and season results in addition to crucial quality assessment results are all available to growers in the comfort of their own home and/or office.


Marketing Portal

Our on-line inventory application was developed to provide exporters and cool store facilities with access to their stock and distribution information as soon as it is available. Including and information portal allowing automated extract of data in both Industry Standard and XML format.

Dispatch documentation, stock control and product traceability are all key aspects of this solution..


For more details on these and our other applications contact or, if you would prefer, give us a call to discus your particular needs.


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