BIZEZY is not just a contact manager it provides a complete client and contact management solution. Recording client information, processing client surveys and managing direct promotions and advertising.


BIZEZY's core is a contacts database that allows the tracking of contact details such as name, address, business details, phone numbers etc as well as an event log for recording information about all client contacts.


Bizezy is an internet/intranet based solution which means that it can be deployed in an organization's intranet for use by all employees or deployed over the internet for use from any browser anywhere in the world.


Integrated OMR technology allows BIZEZY to utilise use forms and questionnaires to directly contact clients or a target audience to provide a complete data collection tool.


Bizezy allows you to make regular surveys of your contacts. Surveys can be done via intranet/internet or utilizing OMR.


Keep in Touch

Bizezy allows you maintain contact with your contacts in the form of surveys, questionnaires, promotions and advertising.



On-Line Survey
On-Line surveys are processed over the internet. A selected and modifiable group of your contacts can be sent an e-mail which is an invitation for them to come to the Bizezy server and complete a survey form. The results of which are instantly available for your review. The questions, answers, contacts and frequency of the survey are all controlled by you. Questions can be a combination of visual and text providing a cosmetically pleasing solution.

An example of a survey form as seen by your contact.


Questionnaires are used as examinations or tests. Each question has a correct answer and the questionnaire is marked on completion and the overall result being recorded for the questionnaire. Unlike a survey, where a form is issued to a contact who is asked to fill it in, for a questionnaire your contact is given a login id and password which they use to log into the questionnaire section of Bizezy where they are able to fill in any questionnaires you have activated. The time taken as well as the score are recorded for each questionnaire filled in.


Advertising and Promotions

Using on-line tools you can design and build all promotional and advertising material including text and graphics in full colour and as many pages as you like. Selecting a group of contacts you can quickly email the promotion and/or advertisement directly to them. The only cost is your time and a few cents for data transmission. If you currently mail out to your clients then you will save postage, paper, envelopes, printing and most of all time. These savings continue and the more of your contacts that you record their email details the more you save.


Survey and Questionnaire Results
Survey and questionnaire results are viewable at several levels. Surveys are issued in groups and the results are stored in that group. Below that is the question group level and below that are the individual questions. At the question level you can select a particular answer and view all the individual forms that went into that result. This allows quick drill down into particular areas of interest.