ASPect-is is not just another web site design and development studio.


We Develop Web Solutions!


Web sites can range from a single page brochures through to comprehensive on-line business tools. ASPect-is can deliver the full range.


More and more businesses are realising the benefits of having a web presence. Web sites are a fantastic way to reach a larger audience with your products and services.


Those businesses that have seen the benefits of being on the internet have continued to increase their web solutions. Many now sell their products, other incorporate databases for their clients and suppliers and others provide on-line services and information sharing.


ASPect-is's experience with database design and software development made the transition to the internet quick and simple. In 1999 we delivered one of the first real-time on-line inventory and product tracking solutions for the New Zealand fruit industry. This was so successfully we continued to develop many other solutions all allowing our clients to distribute information and make their businesses work smarter.





The Internet is more usable today

The growing acceptance of the internet has seen huge technology enhancements to the point where now we can deliver high end interactive web sites and graphics that can be viewed and used in real-time. Taking advantage of this technology growth ASPect-is now offers access to some of New Zealand's leading graphic designers. In conjunction with these designers and ASPect-is's extensive development and deployment skills we deliver great web solutions.


How we build a web solution

The first step in our web site development and e-commerce process is devising a concept for the web site based on the client's image, nature of the business and other set objectives. The visual aspects of a web site such as the layout, graphics and pictures are then created to reflect this idea. Other facets of the operation include organising the information flow and fashioning a user-friendly web interface


Every design is unique and tailored to fully represent your business. We believe that web sites have to be visually appealing, but at the same time informative content must be easily and quickly accessible.


Whether your project is large or small, we can work with you to develop custom web solutions that suit your business requirements.



Remains the focus of ASPect-is. We have developed many e-commerce solutions including shopping carts, contact management, customer surveys, interactive hearing tests, on-line inventory, membership databases, and much more...


Contact us today and find out about our range of e-commerce solutions or if you have an idea we can make this a reality for you.